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It’s Ok to Not Be Ok

  1. Bert Rutledge says:

    Thanks for addressing this issue and identifying the need to help those that are suffering. I have not lost anyone to suicide but you never know when it might happen. People need to be aware of the signs and say something before it’s too late. Thanks

  2. Cliff says:

    Hello, You provide great encouragement in your video’s. I wish I could say I have not been there but I along with many veteran buddies have, some were able to go through with it, some of us were found before it was too late. It’s a dark space to be in. I have been much better with the med’s I take, but with starting cancer treatments the thought has returned. That’s one reason why I look forward to your video’s, they always lift me up when I am down. Thank You

  3. Stacie says:

    Yes , Meredith suicide is never the answer . My boyfriend of 10 years who seems to think he isn’t ready to commit but he doesn’t realize that he already has committed to me . I am his only one and he loves me and he lives with me and my mom. The only thing is we don’t stay on same room cause my mom won’t have it Jesus says sex with out wed lock is a sin so we can stay in same room we can sit or lay next to one another during the day but not at night it’s tough it’s been this way for over 8 years now and I lost my job and it’s been tough I give you high praises cause farming is a tough life and a good life teaches you the roughing it from the land how our ancestors did it. People now adays with all the technology today that we as a nation have become weak and to dependent on things that if we were to lose today we wouldn’t know what to do I would and I am sure you would. It is beauty of the land and scenery that makes my day even on gloomy days I try to make the best of it all. Love you , and god bless you and your family and I ask you to say a little prayer for us my boyfriend is Sean and I am stacie and my mom is Janet , I have 1 daughter she is gonna be in November 23 and her name is Brianna . Both my sisters have had mastectomy’s due to breast cancer and my moms sister has ovarian cancer she just had surgery and she has got rid of hoping it got rid of it all. My middle sister also has a tumor I her muscle and in her nodes not sure what’s going on with that she lives in Wyoming and truck drives across country all the time and seems to be doing ok she’s a cigarette smoker and heavy coffee drinker and she went through radiation for breast cancer and my other sister had three things of chemo and radiation and a pill too and my middle sister won’t have chemo so not sure what’s gonna happen so life right now is not to good but if I can get a good job that would be awesome doing all I can do to get it going resume and all and so I just love watching you and your farm life wishing I could have a farm but I know God’s got something out there for me . Keep up the good work . And always enjoy a sunset and smell plenty of flowers when you can.

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