red heifer calf in field

Seeing Things in Red and White

  1. Laurie E Guertin says:

    It has taught be to be more prepared. In the quiet times, I realized there is so much fixing I need but I will keep pressing forward toward my dreams.

    • Meredith says:

      We all have things we’d like changed about ourselves or “fixed”, but I also think that often the process of becoming and pursuing these dreams is exactly the point and where we really find ourselves. Keep pressing girl! You aren’t alone. xo

  2. Dottie says:

    I’ve learned that you never get all the things done that should be done before the first freeze/hard frost in October.  This October didn’t teach me either…..I still forget or put it off.

  3. Craig says:

    I have thatHappen a lot in my Dairy cows some are red and some red carrier and some no red in pedigree 

    • Meredith says:

      It was the biggest surprise! But this is our first time using this bull and we’ve had several brown and some red this year, so evidently he’s going to be prone to it. Wish we didn’t get docked at sale barn for the color difference. 

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